Felix Wong is a Chinese-Canadian writer. He has lived half his life in Vancouver and half in Hong Kong. His stories have appeared in PRISM International, The Sun, and Ricepaper.

“Felix’s stories are very good!”

— Felix’s mom

Felix has a MFA in Creative Writing degree from the University of Guelph. He’s also a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s The Writer’s Studio.

His thesis is a memoir about his investigation into the 1991 Lauda Air Flight 004 plane crash, an accident which resulted in the death of an aunt he has never met.

His feature-length script — One Day, Three Autumns — has been long/shortlisted in numerous contests, which in his opinion, is kind of like a backhanded compliment. “You’re good, but not that good.”

Lastly, Felix finds it weird to write about himself in third-person.